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What's Hereville?

Hereville is a new musical that I am writing with my longtime friend and collaborator Robby Sandler. Based on the award-winning graphic novels by Barry Deutsch, it follows Mirka, an eleven-year old girl in a small Orthodox Jewish town in somewhere suburbia.


At its essence, Hereville is a story about a stepmother and stepchild learning to love each other that happens to feature a sentient meteor, a little witchcraft, ghosts on the moon (not spooky ghosts!), and lots of kugel. 

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Hereville Jewce concert reading Novmber 9, 2023 annoucnement'
JFest 2023 logo 30th Annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival

Hereville: the Musical at JEWCE

Hereville: the Musical  was presented in a concert reading on November 9th at the Center for Jewish History as a part of JEWCE, Jewish Comics Experience, a celebration of the vibrant world of Jewish comics, showcasing the powerful fusion of Jewish culture, history, and artistic expression. The performance is directed by Laura Brandel and music directed by Fernanda Douglas. To view out digital program, click here!

Hereville at SDJFest

The Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival presented two concert readings of Hereville through The Whole Megillah Jewish New Play Festival 06.11.2023 at the Old Globe & 07.09.2023 at The Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center 

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Hereville in Concert at the Center for Jewish History

Hereville in Concert at the Center for Jewish History

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