what did you miss?

4.22: First reading of my musical Misha Loves Ja Ja More Than Cheese with lyricist/librettist Jerry Colker under the direction of Andy Cadiff at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills. 

11.6: Performed selections from The Goree All-Girl String Bandas part of the New York Theater Barn's New Works Series at the Cell.

9.8-11.19: Music directed Fiddler on the Roof for Broadway Training Center in Hastings-on-Hudson.

7.31 @ 7pm: Playing some bass over at 54 Below as part of their new writers series celebrating the songs of Sam Salmond.

1.19: Laid down some bass tracks at Kaleidoscope Sound in Union City for Andre Catrini's new musical The Astonishing Times of Timothy Crachit. 

8.12: Debuted my buddy Alaina Ferris's original video-game song cycle Raid 2.0/Myrmidon as part of Ladyfest at the Tank.

what's going on? 

May 20: Participating in a reading of the new musical Bisland & Bly about Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, two journalists who raced each other around the world in opposite directions in 1889, trying to beat Phileas Fogg’s record from Around The World In Eighty Days.

6.27-7.29: Played the role of Bonnie Scott the Goree All-Girl String Band as part of the New York Musicals Festival. This new musical tells the true story of a group of women incarcerated in 1938 Texas who, seizing on the popularity of prison radio at the time, endeavor to form a band in the hopes riding their fame to freedom. The production was nominated for Best Music, Best Orchestrations, Best Ensemble, and Overall Best Musical.

11.9: First ever read-down of my musical Hereville with lyrics by Robby Sandler, book by Robby Sandler & Jess Kaufman. There were way too many people in my apartment, kosher pizza, and lots and lots of sight reading.

8.4: My song "Personality" with lyrics by Alex Rubin was performed at this event celebrating female musical theater writers  at 54 Below.

6.15: Performed in a reading of ​The Hello Girls, the new musical by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel.  

6.17: Reading of my musical Oneida with lyricist/librettist Beth Blatt at the Dramatists Guild. 

11.12: Bassed it up for an incredible slew of talented ladies as part of Double Standards at Town Hall. Here's video of me bopping behind Sara Bareilles, Jessie Mueller, and the full company.

June 3: Second ever reading of my musical Hereville with lyricist/librettist  Robby Sandler and librettist Jess Kaufman

Writing and rewriting. Doing lots of readings of my own work and other people's work. Got a gig lined up for the end of the year which I'll post about when I can.. Proud cat mama. 

3.28:Participated in another workshop performance of Alaina FerrisRaid 2.0/Myrmidon at the Tank. Can't wait to play again soon!

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