​​Hello, I am Lizzie and I am very pretty. When I was seven my mother made the mistake of taking me to see a local high school's production of Annie​ and that launched an obsession with orphans...also musical theatre. 

When it came time to select instruments for orchestra, I was the only student in my year selected to study the upright string bass. My grandmother asked me, "Elizabeth...why?" Allegedly, I responded, "so no one can see me." That plan didn't quite work out. Me and my bass have been seen all over the country. 

During college my friend Robby Sandler caught me noodling at the piano. When they asked what I was playing, I said I was making it up. "You write songs," they said. And since then I have been. I've written several musicals and am actively working on give or take four.

Actor / singer / musician / composer