Actor / singer / musician / composer


Hello, I am Lizzie and I am very pretty. When I was seven my mother made the mistake of taking me to see a local high school's production of Annie​ and that launched an obsession with orphans...also musical theatre. 

When it came time to select instruments for orchestra (shout out to awesome public school music programs), I was the only student in my year selected to study the upright string bass. My grandmother asked me, "Elizabeth...why?" Allegedly, I responded, "so no one can see me." That plan didn't quite work out. Me and my bass have been seen all over the country. 

During college a friend caught me noodling at the piano. When he asked what I was playing, I said I was making it up. "You write songs," he said. And since then I have been. I've written several musicals including Rose Petals which received a NYMF staged reading, and Oneida which won the Pallas Theater Table Read Award in 2015.